Who we are

Shifting Mindsets is a consulting organization that provides strategic thinking and innovative solutions to corporations, academic institutions, and individuals. Our name is based on the theory of transformative learning (TL). TL represents the process by which we critically examine our assumptions, shift our mindsets, and take action on our new perspectives.

Would your business benefit from new perspectives? Shifting Mindsets will provide you with valuable new perspectives on your business challenges. We’ll also partner with you to address them.

What we do

Dr. Dawn Francis is Principal of Shifting Mindsets, LLC. Over the past 18 years, Dr. Francis has worked as a performance strategist, solution designer, and leadership coach for numerous Fortune 500 organizations. Her clients have included global pharmaceutical companies, telecommunication businesses, IT corporations, and HR/payroll firms. Dr. Francis has also been a full-time professor of communication, and she continues to teach in higher education settings as an adjunct instructor.

Dr. Francis established Shifting Mindsets to provide clients with performance consulting, training, coaching, and communication services based upon her experience.

Specifically, she consults with clients to help them maximize the performance of their employees and their processes. As part of this effort, she thoroughly analyzes the issues and architects solution strategies that bring about desired improvements. These strategies often include training to provide important skills and knowledge, coaching to reinforce their application on the job, and communication to explain their purpose and value to internal and external audiences.

Dr. Francis recommends solution strategies, and also, executes on them. She designs, develops, implements, and evaluates solutions that have been enthusiastically received by clients. And, of course, all of the services Dr. Francis provides are carefully and intentionally designed to shift mindsets and evoke new perspectives.

How we do it

We are highly collaborative and very systematic in our approach to helping clients achieve their vision. Our process begins with careful analysis of the situation at-hand. We listen intently and question thoughtfully. Our probing to uncover the many dimensions of a business challenge is what sets us apart from other consultants. Our probing also uniquely positions us to architect the best solution to the challenge.  And the best solution – as our name implies – is the one that fosters critical examination, spurs innovative thinking, and achieves desired results through new perspectives.