Tips for Navigating Organizational Change

I’ve written previously about transformative learning theory. You may wonder how it applies to organizational transformation. I thought I’d provide an example of how it can apply to organizational transformation that occurs through the merger and acquisition of companies. When two organizatio ...

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An Appreciative Approach to Coaching

Coaching is one of my favorite activities, as well as one of my favorite topics to research and discuss. In my previous entry, I wrote about the link between coaching and transformative learning. I would assert there’s definitely a distinct synergy between the two. You can think of coaching as an ...

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Learning That Transforms

A few years ago, I presented a paper at the 8th International Transformative Learning Conference. You might wonder: What exactly is transformative learning? How is it different from other types of learning? How can I use it to achieve business and performance results in my organization?  Let me ...

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