Coaching is a catalyst for change in an organization. It increases productivity, improves performance, and impacts retention and morale. When coaching is attached to training engagements, it facilitates the application of key lessons learned and accelerates the change process.

We have experience coaching individuals and team members in global organizations. We offer the following coaching services:

Individual Coaching

Many of us know what we need to do in order to be successful. Yet, doing it is a challenge. We provide coaching to clients who are interested in finding a path out of the knowing-doing gap. We have coached mid-level and first-line managers who are invested in being successful and contributing to the strategic goals of their organization.

Team Coaching

As adults, we have years of life lessons – personal and professional – to share with others. We coach team members who are driving toward common business and performance goals. We facilitate coaching conversations that involve the sharing of experiences, as well as group problem solving and exploration. Our goal is to build collaboration among team members that continues well after our formal team coaching sessions conclude.