As a leader, you have certain expectations for your employees’ performance. When they meet these expectations, how do you reward them? When they struggle to satisfy these expectations, how do you assist them? A multitude of variables influence employees’ behavior. The goals you set and communicate. The tools you provide to complete job tasks. The incentive systems you put in place. Employees’ own skills and knowledge, motivation, and capacity to succeed. Performance is comprised of many moving parts.

At Shifting Mindsets, we understand these variables. We offer the following consulting services to address them:

Performance Consulting

Our performance consulting process considers the inter-relationship between individual performers, their work environment, and the processes that enable them to be successful. We analyze your business challenges, diagnose the origin of those challenges, and propose inventive solution strategies to address them.

Curriculum Analysis & Recommendations

Organizations often have existing training content. This content, however, may be characterized as a collection of course titles versus a comprehensive curriculum. The first step to building this curriculum is to perform a curriculum analysis. We assess your current course content and identify gaps in that content for preparing employees to perform effectively in their job role. We then recommend a curriculum roadmap for you to move employees from comprehension to application to complex critical thinking.

Training Design & Development

It’s not enough to know what you want your employees to know and be able to do. It’s how you effectively design and deliver this information that really counts. We expertly combine the what and the how to design and produce training that is well sequenced and well thought out. We also give careful consideration to the appropriate instructional strategies for meeting learning and performance goals while making the experience enjoyable for learners.